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The structure of good building does not start with a good foundation. It starts with your ideas and visions and that is why we have experts making sure that your vision is safe, secure and exceeding up to your expectations. As experienced Building Contractors we pay attention to the smallest detail to determine what our clients want and what they wish the end-result will look like and most of all, that you as a client are happy with our service.

Buildster is always up for a challenge, and we deliver innovative projects within budget and on time. We will commit our self to keep our clients happy and that is why we offer a unique building expertise.

At Buildster we love helping people to build on their dream homes and by helping we specialize in a wide verity of building and keeping you on board of the project process.  We focus on good preparation, Therefore we can take on any building project. No job is to big or too small.

We specialize in building new homes and offices, Steel structures, border walls, extensions, dividing rooms and renovations of existing buildings.

We believe in the following principles:

  • Making sure that we mix strong portions of mortar
  • To use enough brickforce and reinforcing
  • Using the right material for the right job
  • To use damp-proof course where we need to
  • Everything we do, we do for the long term
  • To have the right person doing the right job
  • Measure twice, work once
  • To protect your property against any damage

New Homes

As Building Contractors, we pride ourselves in helping Clients to determine their needs, therefore we try to understand their vision. Our dedicated and experienced Project Manager will manage to complete project, while you can concentrate on your own profession.


Whether it is difficult access, impossible neighbors or something that has never been done before, we are up for the challenge!

Please contact us on 0861 999 305 for a quotation