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There are two types of gutters that we mostly install:

  • Seamless or Cromadek Gutters. If you are looking for great product that gives your house or development that extra class finish, a Seamless Gutter will do it all. Seamless Gutters come in domestic as well in industrial sizes. Furthermore, we give a 15 Year guarantee on our Seamless gutter system.
  • Galvanized Gutters. Galvanized was the old market leader due to its low maintenance. It also gives you the opportunity to paint it in any colour you want.

As a result, Buildster strives to deliver quality gutters at the best competitive price.

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Make sure your foundation walls is safe from excessive water and also that the water will not infiltrate the foundation. A Gutter can help you with that problem and we are experts in installing them. You need to inspect your gutters at least every three years. Just as you need to maintain your roof, you need to do the same with your gutters for leaks and rusting. We as Gutter Contractors, know getting up on a ladder after an 8 to 5 job is a lot of effort. Luckily, we get up there and clean them for you. A gutter can easily get blocked with leaves. Seamless Gutters are not just functional, but also provide a neat finishing look. Finally, a Gutter needs to preferably lead the rainwater into a drain to prevent lateral damp in lower exterior walls.

It is important to have the right size gutter.  It is to prevent the gutter from failing in its task to handle the load of water flowing down from the roof. As a result, flooding your home can cause serious damage or cause the wood of your roof to rotten. A Gutter is light in weight and will not be a problem for us to install. By painting a gutter with the right quality paint can prevent it from rusting. A Gutter is attached to all eaves by means of internal tacking components consisting of aluminium or galvanized brackets, self-drilling screws.

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Please contact us on 0861 999 305 for a quotation

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