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Need partitioning or Drywalls for your home or workspace? Drywalling is the solution to your problem. It is fast, efficient and easy to install. The great thing also about Drywalling is that it causes minimal mess and hassle. Drywalling is a modern partitioning system that is also cheap and flexible. We, as your Drywall Contractors are here for you.

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Types of Drywalls

  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Sound proof

When using Drywalls, you need to be careful to attach heavy objects. The heavy objects can either damage the Drywall or fall off and break. Attaching light objects like paintings you need to use thin nails or double-sided tape. In most cases we screw Drywall boards to the studs. After they are secure to the studs, they are taped and plastered then painted to give it a nice appealing look and hides the links and studs.  We at Buildster can install drywall and repair Drywall.


Dry-walling is also ideal for hiding cables and creates a modern appeal in an interior area. It is easy to maintain and repair. Drywall’s cost less than brick walls. Also, when you want to demolish a wall in the future, it will make the job cheaper when it is Drywall’s. We make sure that everything goes smoothly, but best of all, to assure that our clients are provided with the best possible finished project.

Drywall’s must be done by the correct professionals, so it can be secure and have a good finish. Therefore, we have qualified and experienced teams to reach the requirements and specification of our clients. We can transform our clients’ ideas into practical and functional offices or rooms. Buildster can also provide you with a sound proof office by just simply adding Isotherm or other insulation to keep out all the noises that might disturb you. We all know how frustrating it can get if the noises are getting to hard and keeps you out of work.

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Definitely recommend Dave. Efficient reliable professional...

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Thanks for the effort. It's not a job I'd like to do myself. Excellent work....

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