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Do you want to give your ceiling a new face lift regardless of a small budget? Finally, you have reached the right Ceiling Contractors! We at Buildster provide the best service and maintain a high work ethic to suit your needs. We use ceilings for more than just its functionality and aesthetically appeal. There are multiple types of ceilings like Suspended ceiling, PVC ceiling and Rhino Plastered ceilings. Don’t worry about choosing the right one, our team will help you choose the perfect product for your environment. By emphasizing the room with the right ceiling, you can easily move your visitor’s eyes where you want them to be.  As a result, we take pride in our professional and high quality installations.

Vereeniging Ceilings Contractors

Suspended Ceiling

We can use Suspended ceiling to modify your ceiling regardless of the space or size. By creating the perfect structure for lighting, air-conditioning, design and other functional purposes it is best to use suspended ceiling. Suspended ceiling is perfect for the office environment.

Rhino Plaster Ceiling

By using Rhino Plaster techniques, we can assure you a smooth and neat ceiling finish. We use different techniques to hide wiring, ducting, piping and light fittings.  We at Buildster have the best equipment and expert contractors to transform and redefine your ceiling from old to new.

PVC Ceilings

PVC ceiling is the latest trend, because it is affordable and creates a fantastic contemporary feel to any room in a home or work environment.  Another reason why it is of great use is because it is light, handles moisture good and requires very little maintenance. Therefore, it truly is a must have.


First of all, Polystyrene cornice is light weighted while also durable. It is small, but at the same time striking and can modify your ceiling to a nice and neat finish hiding through corners of a wall and ceiling.

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DaveV (Level 2 Contractor)

Definitely recommend Dave. Efficient reliable professional...

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Thanks for the effort. It's not a job I'd like to do myself. Excellent work....

Bathroom Renovations

Will definitely use and recommend them to all my family and friends they will go the extra mile...

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